Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance | MD Ziaul Haque Khondokar


“Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance” is an article by MD Ziaul Haque Khondokar.

In recent years corporate governance has turned out to be a much needed issue in corporate world across the globe. Good corporate governance is rightly considered as the guarding mechanism of protecting shareholders’ and stakeholders’ interests as well as ensuring ethical corporate practices.

This study’s intention is to look through the outcomes of ineffective corporate governance policies and its horrendous impact on the global economy. It also tries to examine the justification of new act and policy’s evolution in the context of Bangladesh as well as of the world in the backdrop of a number of cases of giant global corporate bodies’ misrepresentation of financial statements and its disastrous consequences that triggered the recent economic recession.

At the same time it further tries to look into the concerns of technological evolution driven product diversity and potential risks involved with it and suggests measures to address the challenges.

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