Developing eTraceability by Unifox Digital Media


Unifox Digital Media from Bangladesh has been nominated to participate at Fish 2.0 competition that will take place in Stanford University, USA.

“Fish 2.0” connects to seafood businesses and investors to grow the sustainable seafood sector .

Working through our unique global network, competition platform and events, Fish 2.0 participants collaborate to drive innovation, business growth and positive impact.


Unifox Digital Media has started to develop model of  “eTraceability” , which is for Aquaculture and Agriculture in partnership with BSFF ( Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation) .


The previous complex model has been optimised by the young team and adopted into a unique online business process that connects consumers to the producers / grower almost real time.

The business process of eTraceability not only ensures visibility but also ensures accountability for food safety and fare share of income among the stake holders involve into value chain.

The process varies from country to country based on the ground reality (stake holders behaviour).